What is your lifestyle?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of our daily lives: how and where we work, where we live, and how we shop. Consequently people are looking for a second refuge in times of uncertainties, working at home can be anywhere nowadays, etc. Did it change your way of living or did it just intensify?

Discover all the lifestyles of the Costa del Sol according to all the different types of properties for sale. Your way of living or preferred way of new living in combination with the right location, features, feeling and character of the property are vital components.
We put a great deal of emphasis on meeting our clients’ needs and finding the best possible fit for you.

What is a Lifestyle property?

A lifestyle property offers something extra that a house does not. It’s a home that has one or more unique features that help improve daily quality of life. E.g. to live a healthy lifestyle, your home has to offer a healthy environment, it must support your physical health and your emotional well-being. The right house for you is the house that best meets your unique needs.

Lifestyle properties have their own unique feature – such as a finca with a plot full of olive- and fruit trees, or a villa with direct access to the unspoiled beach, a penthouse with stunning panoramic sea view, or a pure green eco-friendly house, or with stables and trails for horses, or an apartment resort with separate working areas, or a private (championship) tennis court, or a designated heli-pad for the chopper, or a cinema room all for yourself, etc.

Types of properties:

  • Newly build home on a plot of land
  • Villa (detached / semi-detached / bungalow)
  • Townhouse
  • Apartment (ground floor with-without garden / middle floor with lift / penthouse)
  • Finca / cortijo in rural area (campo)

Lifestyle villas

Choose your lifestyle and be sure that the villa will match your lifestyle. Whatever your style, with Million Euro Listing you can be sure they find the perfect match for you! Some inspirational styles:

Designer villa

Villas that really stand out in their sleek architecture or modern interior, cool spaces or are unique in its quirky kind of quality. Styled by top international designers, or created by renowned architects, but one thing they have in common is a level of luxury that sets them apart. There are even special villas which contribute to green living and offer green amenities like energy efficient appliances, alternative energy sources and boast a low-carbon footprint! Perfect for well-owners seeking for the combination of luxury and green travel. In short, if you are a design-enthusiast how special is it to own a luxury villa with a sleek, modern and contemporary design and interior? More than blissful!

Beach villa

It's really magical owning a villa right next to the sea with lots of possibilities for fun & aquatic sports! They are located immediately on the beach front or within a very short walking distance to the Mediterranean sea. The sound, smell, shimmering blue line on the horizon, romantic sundown’s, beach villas make you smile the whole day!

Family villa

Villas which are well equipped for hosting children and great for family reunions or gatherings with a group of friends. Several villas have special sections for children and their nanny or even grandparents. They offer safety for the children. There’s room and privacy for everyone in the family, even for your business relations, and your own private pool offers comfort, freedom, flexibility and most of all lots of fun for everyone! With friends you can have parties without leaving the property, for families and group of friends a perfect base for relaxing time next to the pool after a day of new experiences.

Golf villa

What better than to combine a villa under the sunny skies with the sport you love. The experience of a lifetime is waiting for you on one of the superb golf courses in this paradise. Whether you prefer villas overlooking the fairways or others which are placed within an easy drive of many different courses for a variety of playing experiences during your trip… It’s a heaven for golf lovers!

Newly built villa

On the Costa del Sol the stock of new villas has become limited, meaning there has never been a better time to consider to build your own dream home.
Either buy a building plot in your favorite area or purchase an older property in a great location, demolish it and construct a new home built in its place. Due to the length of obtaining a building license, many people choose to renovate an old villa. The great news with either option is that you will end up with your own tailor-made dream property which ticks all your ideal boxes. It will even be a good investment as in many cases it will save you money compared to buying a resale house.

Spanish villa

Are you in love with the typical traditional Spanish style called Andalusian style? On the costa you will find luxury villas in the typical Mediterranean style but with a modern slant. Traditional Spanish elements such as curves, arches and a variety of sloping roofs with tiles but with a sleek, contemporary finish. In different styles such as a bungalow, villa or real farmhouse, called finca or cortijo. These houses are especially for those seeking a taste of rural Southern-Spain and are surrounded by tranquil countryside with olive groves.

Lifestyle apartments

Next to villas you can also find other types of urban properties such as a large flat or apartment with e.g. with a community pool in a fenced resort. The exclusivity is found in the penthouses with private pool and terrace.


  • Ground floor with garden
  • Middle floor with terrace (with/without pool)
  • Penthouse
  • New development